Saying I Love You

Saying I Love You


submitted by: Paul B


romantic origami balloon lucky charmMy wife is Japanese and culturally a little bit superstitious.  This was back when we were still dating, she was scheduled to fly out to Colorado to see me (from Japan).  A little bit before her trip, she lost a lucky charm she had gotten at a temple for New Years.  It was supposed to bring her good luck for the year.  Obviously, losing it was not good!

I had no idea what this lucky charm was, or what it might look like.  I decided to make one of my own though.  I took some paper and water-color paints, and just colored the paper to look nice and attractive.  I then (after it had dried) folded it into an origami paper balloon.  Around the different facets of the outside I painted Japanese characters for luck, peace, love and stuff like that. (turns out I didn’t get them all correct!  Definitely a “thought that counts thing”!)

Inside, through a little opening you could look into while holding up to the light (like a kaleidoscope), I wrote out a message saying that this was now her lucky charm and she was protected by my love.  I put it inside a card, explaining what it was, and sent it over-night to her so she’d have it for her flight.  It did the trick.  She thought it was wonderful!