Say I Love You

Say I Love You


submitted by: Celina Lautzenheiser


wall of loveAfter reading about a couple who used “shmily”  around their house to express their love for each other, I wanted something similar to share with my husband.

My name is Celina (with the C sounding like an s) and his name is Steven, so I came up with “Sily” (Steven, I love you) and “Cily” (Celina, I loveyou…both pronounced “silly”).

Throughout our marriage we have used our code of love in many ways… on cards, on the bathroom mirror, with magnets on the refrigerator, in the sand, and when I called our phone company to get our phone number changed I had them use 7459 as the last 4 digits…it’s SILY.  Our phone number is on our checks, yet I’m constantly being asked for my phone number and when I point out to them it’s already printed on there, the cashier always ask what  “SILY” means and I tell them.

When my husband is standing by my side, he smiles from head to toe, because he is then reminded how much I love him all over again.