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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Laura

hidden i love youWe had a rough spot, and were talking about splitting. So I needed to find a way to let him know that I still loved him. So I gathered some special items up, took them home and arranged them all.

When he got home from work, I told him I was sorry for all of the things we had been going through, and that I didn’t want it to end and to show him that I had made him a special surprise.

I blindfolded him and led him into the front room. There laying across our entire front room was a huge sign made out of rose petals that said “I’m sorry” (just petals placed that way on the floor) and a trail that started on from there.

The first stop along the trail was the fridge. He opened up the freezer portion and I had cleared everything into the other one so that all that was left was a box. He took it out and inside was a huge ice cream cake heart (his favorite) with red letters that said “I want to spend my life with you”.

Then the trail led him to the bathroom, where I had used every single picture I could find of us to make a huge collage that spelled out “I love you” . Here he started crying, he was so surprised! But the trail didnt stop there (and by the way, double sided sticky tape doesn’t come off the mirror easy!)

He followed the trail to our bedroom where on the bed he found a huge canvas… one that he had bought me awhile ago to paint a picture for him (I’m an oil painter) and I had never gotten around too.

I painted a huge scenery of mountains and a large waterfall and a large panther. Hidden in the painting are those special 3 words “i love you” hidden in the mountain, the panthers fur, and the water. By now i was crying hard as well.

Afterwards, we were able to sit down and talk things out and we are still together!!! The painting now hangs in our front room over the couch and the pictures have become a rather large scrapbook that sits on out coffee table.