Ways To Say I Love You

Ways To Say I Love You


submitted by: Sara Masse


romantic heart carving wood powerwasher ideaLast summer, Mark, my husband of 3 months wanted to repaint the garage to our new home. One day he borrowed a power washer to help clean off the old chipping paint so he didn’t have to scrape it all by hand.

I was inside fixing dinner and playing with my step-son, Isaac, while Mark was working. When I heard the motor from the power washer finally stop, I let Isaac go outside to let Mark know dinner would be ready soon.

We have a privacy fence around our back yard, and half of our detached garage is within the fence.  There is a concrete patio off of the back of the house that you can see through the kitchen window.  Isaac quickly returned to the kitchen saying, “Look out the window and see what dad did!”

Expecting to see a hole in the side of the garage, or the wooden siding free of paint, I walked over to the window and opened the shades to reveal a message power-washed into the concrete patio.  It read…”Mark love’s (symbolized by drawing a big heart) Sara”  And right above his work of art, there he stood with a big, loving smile on his face. Then he blew me a kiss.

Almost one year later, Mark is still working on the garage (it’s one of those ongoing projects that you work on only when you’re really motivated!) The week before mother’s day, he was painting the side of the garage that is inside the fence, and Isaac was in the back yard playing. Isaac decided that he wanted to paint too, so for part of my mother’s day gift from him, he painted over the power-washed words from last summer so they stand out even more. It is a wonderful daily reminder of how much my husband and step-son love me! Also, anyone who comes into our back yard knows it too!