Ways To Say I Love You

Ways To Say I Love You


submitted by: Cio


romantic poem ideas couple ways to say i love youThe most unique and creative way I have said the “3 Magic Words” was to my husband on our 5 year anniversary. I wanted to find a new more creative way to say it and so I wrote a poem for my husband and had a video made of us. The video had pictures of us on it matched with some of our favorite “couple” songs played on the tape. I wrote a letter which had the poem in it, put it onto some nice stationary and had it matted and framed. The letter read as such:

My gift to you on our fifth anniversary is very simple, but I hope you never forget it.

“Life is very simple. What I give out comes back to me. Today I choose to give love.”

I love you because:

You love me,

You put me first,

You believe in me,

You help me relax,

You make me smile,

You are patient with me,

You try to understand me,

You want to be responsible,

And you bring out the best in me.


I love you because:

You have a very giving heart,

You want to make me happy,

You strive for personal perfection,

You genuinely care about my safety,

You always support me in anything I do,

You always know what my moods mean,

You take better care of me than I do of myself,

You accept me as I am, nothing more, nothing less,

And you can do anything you set your mind and heart to doing.


I love you because:

We are 2 bodies with one soul,

Because I can tell you anything,

You’re never afraid to say sorry,

Your blue, blue eyes are stunning,

Your smile means the world to me,

Your passion for music is delightful,

Our love for each other can surpass all boundaries,

Because we are very different yet very much the same,

And because your willingness to learn is like that of a child- always open.

My gift to you is simply a reminder of why I love you for who you are, and what I notice about you. Don’t ever doubt yourself. I have confidence in that you can accomplish anything you truly want to!

“Always remember that you are of equal value to others. You are talented and competent. Express yourself! They will then recognize your talent.”

With All My Love,