Ways To Say I Love You

Ways To Say I Love You


submitted by: Chris


romantic starfish beach wedding i love youThis goes way back to when I was first dating the wonderful woman who would become my wife.

I had gone away with my family to Bermuda for 3 days, leaving a girlfriend behind during a cold winter, nursing a broken wrist because of a snow tubing accident. I was feeling horrible for her and wanted to show her I was thinking of her everyday and missing her terribly.

So one morning, I got up and went to a small private beach and trudged around in the cool wet sand for 30 minutes. Finally, when I was finished, I climbed a nearby cliff with my camera and took a picture of my work – a sandy heart with both of our initials and arrows through it, with the sun just cresting on the beach below.

As soon as I got home, I developed the film and gave her the picture, proving to her that I hadn’t stopped thinking about her the whole time.

She thought it was touching, but stated that because I had “claimed” that beach for the both of us, we had better go there someday!!

I am looking forward to that trip!