I Love You

I Love You


submitted by: Steven Montgomery

lawn design i love you ideasLast year, my wife and I were celebrating Resurrect Romance Week (thanks Michael for founding it) and were having a great time of it. One day, though, I was incredibly busy at work and didn’t have anything planned for Lisa that evening. On top of that our yard was in terrible need of mowing but bad weather had kept me from it when I had time.

That afternoon as I headed home from work I was looking up at the dark clouds looming overhead and wondering if I would get my chance this evening to get the yard mowed. I thought to myself if I got anything done it wouldn’t be much. Then it hit me.

After arriving at the house, I quickly ran inside and proclaimed that I  had better get started immediately on the yard to try and beat the rain. Lisa was busy getting supper ready in the kitchen where the window looks over our back yard. Luckily, the blinds were closed and she hadn’t thought to open them yet.

I got the lawn mower out and set the wheel height down really low and quickly began cutting the words “I LOVE YOU” into the overgrown grass. Raindrops slowly started falling about half way through so my plan was working out perfectly.

By the time I finished the rain was coming down pretty good. I shut the lawn mower off and put it away then ran into the house faking being out of breath.

I told Lisa that I wasn’t able to get a lot done before the rain moved in but what I had gotten done looked a whole lot better, at the same time opening the blinds covering the kitchen window and motioning for her to take a look. From that angle it was a little hard to see but she could tell something was there so she headed out the back door to take a closer look. She absolutely loved it!

To make it even better, when I set the wheel height really low it cut the grass so short that it got a little burned in the following August day’s sun. So it didn’t grow very well the rest of the season leaving a  lasting impression, to say the least, on our lawn – and in Lisa’s heart. The words were visible in the yard well into November before the grass starting dying off.