With The Internet

With The Internet


submitted by: Roselyn Barone


romantic-newspaper-man-holding-paper-ideas-email-loveOne of the things I use to stay close to my sweetie is e-mail. I call it The Daily Roselyn…and then give the edition names, like, The Love Edition, The Snow Edition, etc.

This e-mail is very long, or very short, depending on various things…but, it told of all my day’s activities, thoughts and even the weather. I begin it with a quote of one type or other, and under that is a graphic I would pick up from the web, giving the title and artist under it.

My letter follows and at the very end of the letter, there is a short fantasy. The fantasy always had a romantic flavor…once I wrote of us Christmas shopping together, another time, the one he loved the most, was about waiting for him when he returned home from work, to give him a massage, for his poor, tired legs.

Then, I end the whole thing with a wish.