With The Internet

With The Internet


submitted by: Melanie Falor

longdistance movie dateDuring the first 9 months of my current relationship my boyfriend was living in Georgia and I was living in Oregon.  At times it was very hard to find something creative to do together when we were so far apart, other than talk to each other.  One night, while speaking to him online, I asked him if he would like to watch a movie with me. We both had copies of a couple of the same movies, so, what we’d do is get the movie ready to go and time it so we were started at the same point at the same time.

We would both sit at the computer while the movie was going so we could talk to each other and quote lines back and forth. We’d each turn the lights off and wrap up and a blanket and pretend we were in the same room, cuddling under the blanket and watching the movie together.

Sometimes one of us would go rent movies then come home and tell the other one what they rented and the other one would go out and rent it.  That way we weren’t always watching the same movies together.  Now that we’re able to see each other on a more frequent basis, movie watching is one of our favorite dates!