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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Gary Hileman

For our 10th Anniversary, I tried to do something special and fun for my wife. I had known for some time that she wanted a diamond tennis bracelet, but since she is very hard to buy for, making the exact, perfect purchase was going to be impossible. So, I devised a plan that would assure me that she would be happy with what she got and allow me the pleasure of driving her nuts in the process. You see… she hates surprises!

For weeks leading up to THE BIG DAY, she questioned me on what our plans were and what I had for her. All I would say was that it was taken care of. She’d ask how much I’d spent and I wouldn’t tell her, giving the reason that it might tip her off. By the week of our anniversary, she was getting “ill”. I later found out she had gone through my car from bumper to bumper searching for something.

Finally, THE BIG DAY arrived and we headed out for the evening. I had reservations at a very nice (and expensive) restaurant that we go to for only the most special of occasions, but she didn’t know we were going there. As we headed up the Interstate, I just kept the conversation going and as we came to the exit where I needed to get off, I shot across three lanes of Interstate at the last minute. (I had been in the far left lane so she wouldn’t be thinking about me getting off anywhere). I pulled in the parking lot of the jewelry store, stopped the car, turned to her and said, “Your present is anything you want”. Now… I did set a bit of a limit because while I am love-struck, I am not dumb-struck!! She was shocked… as was I. She pulled out a gift box from her purse and gave me a 14 carat gold and diamond pinkie ring. Guess what she chose? A tennis bracelet? NOT… she chose diamond earrings in and x’s and o’s pattern representing hugs and kisses. She was happy and I was happy (and smart).