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submitted by: Victoria Egbert

I have a daughter from a previous relationship. When I started dating my husband I didn’t think it would last long because I was a single mother. Well, as you can see, it did last. When we talked about who he was going to “be” in her life, we decided that she would grow up knowing him as DAD.

I wanted to do something or give him something that would *mark* this decision. For Christmas that year I bought him a ring. In the middle of the ring it says: DAD. I wrapped it in it’s box, and then put it in the bottom of a bigger box of stuff as a little extra surprise. What made it even better is that, even though we were in a room full of people, no one seemed to notice what was going on. So we were able to share this moment between just the two of us. It was so unexpected for him that when he opened the box and saw the ring, he cried. 🙂

After my daughter was born I bought a cheap baby ring for her. I kept it on my necklace, and wore it all the time. I, unfortunately, am allergic to fake jewelry….therefore, I was always breaking out and itching my neck. But nevertheless, I never took it off. The same Christmas I gave my husband the above mentioned ring, he too gave me a little unexpected gift. Let me first say that I had been looking around for a *real* baby ring to replace the
fake one, and could not find one anywhere. I don’t know how he did it, or where he found it, but he did! It’s one of the smallest things I’ve ever owned, but it holds a great deal of meaning. 🙂