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submitted by: Kelly Legge

The most romantic thing that my partner ever did for me, bar none, was when we first “met”.

We met, purely by chance, over the internet one night, and started talking. We got to know each other as friends, and over the space of several months, it developed into a lot more. We shared everything about our lives together, and eventually decided that it was time for us to meet in person.

We made arrangements for him to travel to my city, and the two of us would stay with friends of mine, just as a safety precaution (you can never be TOO sure…).

One day, about a week before he was due to come and meet me, I happened to go shopping with my friend (that we were planning to stay with). One of the things that I saw was a beautiful amber pendant necklace, that I immediately fell in love with. I happened to mention to my sweetie, in passing, during a chat, about this necklace, how much I loved it, and how I was planning to save up the money for it.

The day finally came for our meeting, and it went incredibly well. That night, after we were alone, he gave me a small wrapped box. When I opened it, there was the amber pendant that I had been admiring the week before. Apparently, after I had told him about the necklace, he immediately emailed my friend, asked her to pick it up for him, so he could give it to me. She slipped it to him earlier in the day when I wasn’t noticing.

The most romantic part about this gift was the fact that he really LISTENED to me when I made a passing comment about something. I find that’s something that so many people fail to do. And then, he went to great effort to ensure that I got the exact pendant that I wanted. It made me fall totally head over heels for him…we’ve been together over two years now.