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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Kathryn Taylor

We are about to celebrate our 21st Wedding Anniversary. Way back, when we were both impoverished and struggling students, we had little money to spare for anything but the basics. One afternoon, we were sitting on the Ashley River bank, situated on the Canterbury plains of New Zealand, a mighty braided river. Feeling romantic, with a flourish, Michael ripped off the aluminum pull top off his can of Coke and handed it to me, the solemn promise to replace it with a more suitable ring when he was able.

Four years later, he proposed at Cape Reinga, the Northern Most tip of New Zealand whilst we were sitting on a high point overlooking the only place in the world where the mighty Tasman Sea and the tranquil, sparkling Pacific Ocean meet in a spectacular swirl of white water that forms a line which points outward to the distant horizon.

This time he produced a velvet covered box and handed me a beautiful ruby and diamond band. I still have the pull-top and treasure it as much as my ‘real’ engagement ring.