With Jewelry

With Jewelry


submitted by: Linda Lou

macaroni braceletsOne night my boyfriend and I were watching TV and a jewelry commercial came on. It was for a diamond tennis bracelet. I sat there and remarked how ugly those bracelets are and would never want one. He looked at me surprised and we moved on to other areas of conversation.

Time passed and we went to Vegas for a weekend. On the Saturday night, we went up to the top of the Eiffel Tower at the Paris Hotel and looked out to see the beautiful lights on the strip. He turned me and gave me a jewelry box…size of a bracelet. I looked at him…confused and tried to look pleased. I opened it and found a letter and a macaroni tennis bracelet he had made.

The letter read:
“I pose to you a challenge. You may take this macaroni bracelet I have made for you or choose what is in my left pocket. You can only have one…I would go for what is in my pocket.” I quickly dove into his pocket and found another box. I opened it and found a diamond ring. At that moment I looked at it, he asked me to marry him. I became so excited I almost dropped it off the tower. Luckily he calmed me down and I said yes.