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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Dawn Chapman

When my husband graduated from high school his parents presented him with an alexandrite (his birthstone – June) ring. He loved the ring, but several years later he lost it in a lake while fishing. He has always commented on the ring, but has never gone so far as to say he would like to have another one, due to the prohibitive cost of alexandrite in this day and age.

His older son is in the Air Force and was sent to Thailand on a month long exercise in April. I e-mailed him to ask him to check the prices of an alexandrite ring, since jewelry is so much cheaper there. The e-mails flew back and forth, a deposit was made to his bank account, & he had one made for his Dad for me. It had to be specially made since rings don’t normally come in a size 16! over there; Asian men being much smaller than my 6’6″ husband! It was made and shipped, arriving on Saturday, with Dave’s birthday being on Sunday! Nothing like cutting it close! I wrapped it and hid it in my purse.

I had made a luncheon reservation for Sunday at Emeril’s. We had not been there before & love Emeril’s TV programs and recipes. He thought this was his only present. After we were seated and had ordered, I removed the package from my purse when he wasn’t looking and sat it in front of him. He opened it and my big, strong husband had tears in his eyes. He had never dared to yearn openly for a birthstone ring, but deep down he had always wanted a ring to replace the one he lost, and now, 35 years later, he had his alexandrite ring back. He said it was the best birthday he has ever had!

Now I just have to find something as wonderful for next year!