Job Hunting

Job Hunting


submitted by: Tammy Green


looking for a job encourage mentJust after the birth of our little angel (Brooke), Jeff had some trouble at work one day and quit.  No warning and no money saved for an emergency.  Brooke was just a few days old, and we also have 4 other children.

I had been off work for 3 months and was just receiving part of what I was used to making.  Although, money was very tight and I was very concerned, I refused to let Jeff know just how worried I was.  I told him I stood behind every decision he made and God would find a way.  Jeff was off work just a short time and he beat himself up daily, he was very depressed.

I gave him the comfort and love he needed, I encouraged him, and assured him we were okay (even though I was very worried).  Jeff is my hero.  He would never do anything to intentionally jeopardize our family or cause us hardship.

As it turned out, Jeff called his employer and had a meeting with his boss to discuss the situation and returned to work.  That was very hard for him to do and I cannot say enough how proud I am and how lucky I am to have such a man.