Kissing Tips/Rituals

Kissing Tips/Rituals


submitted by: Mr VA


romantic-kissing-aircraft-airplane-ideaYears ago my then girlfriend lived in North Carolina, staying in NC. We thought it would be nice to visit her family in California during the winter break.

As we boarded the plane I wanted to do something that would make the trip a little more interesting. So just as the plan was lifting off I whispered to my love that I wanted to be the only person in the world that had the chance of kissing the world’s most beautiful Queen in every state ALL the way across country.

Then, leaning over, I kissed her passionately on her lips and stated softly said, “North Carolina.”

Later after passing the message to the flight attendant, whom later notified the pilot of my intentions… he kindly announced every state as we flew over them.

And now I can rightfully say that I kissed the loveliest women in the world all the way across the country.