Kissing Tips/Rituals

Kissing Tips/Rituals


submitted by: Phyllis


kissing around the world ideaIn Walt Disney World’s Epcot, there is a section called “World Showcase.”  In the World Showcase there are different countries represented.  Each one has its own themed section, which includes buildings, stores, restaurants, etc.

Because each of the “countries” sells alcohol, many people choose to try the challenge of “drinking around the world” by purchasing, and drinking, an alcoholic beverage at each of the countries. (At the end of the challenge, the participants are inevitably quite drunk, and since it is Walt Disney World, considerably poorer.)

So, based on this idea, my sweet boyfriend came up with a wonderfully romantic way for us to experience the various countries!  At the first country (I think it was Mexico) he found a picturesque spot, kissed me, and revealed his plan–We were going to KISS around the world!

For the rest of our “world travels,” we had a great time exploring each country, and then picking out the most romantic location for our kiss!  We were totally sober, so I can remember each and every kiss, it didn’t cost us any extra money, and it was fun to imagine actually visiting the various places together.  And, of course, the kissing itself was wonderful, too!