Kissing Tips/Rituals

Kissing Tips/Rituals


submitted by: Gomez

opening the car door for herMy sweetheart started a great routine when we first started dating. He always opens the car door for me, where ever we go, even if I am driving. It is a healthy habit that he does to ensure he is treating me in the best way possible.

After he opens my door and I get in, he leans in for a kiss. We never let each other get away with a wimpy kiss. We always pack passion and love into them.

There are very few times in the nine months we have been together that he has neglected to do so. Even in the cold Minnesota Winters, he always sacrificed a bit of warmth to kiss me in the car and gently shut my door.

I know he kisses me to remind me of his protective, caring nature, whatever I am doing. I love it and I get to kiss the man I love.