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Tips & Ideas

BOX #1 OR #2 ?

submitted by: Debbie M


pick a box lingerie ideaA year ago my husband and I were in desperate need for some quality time.  Both of our parents recognized this and gave us a weekend away in Niagara Falls.

For the 2 night event I went to the local lingerie store and purchase 2 items…. one cotton and lace and the other red and sheer. Each was wrapped in the same box and paper.When we arrived and checked in to our hotel I placed the packages on the dresser.  To my husband’s amazement he now had 2 gifts – one for each night. Each night when we were getting ready to retire he could pick a box. Not only did he receive a special gift but so did I – new lingerie!

To top it off when we went out for dinner that night I had the waiter bring him a note with the bill. When he opened the envelope he found a note telling him how much I loved him and that I could hardly wait to
get back to the hotel room for him to open his present.

We both still talk fondly about our weekend away and are waiting patiently as we plan our next one.