With Lingerie

With Lingerie


submitted by: Jennifer S


empty clothes lingerieMy husband and I both used to work shift work. One of us would be coming home, 30 minutes after the other had left, so we left notes different places everyday to see I Love You. We also purchased a child’s “magic board”.  An erasable message board that works with magnets.

I arrived home one morning at 6:00 am, exhausted and ready for bed. When I got to bed, the message board was laying on my hubby’s pillow with a fairly accurate self-picture he had drawn. I smiled at the uniqueness of it, however, when I pulled the covers back, my husband’s sleepwear was arranged in the bed, so that when I looked at the bed, he was laying beside me in his nightclothes & his face was on the pillow beside me, while I drifted off to sleep.

Very simple, cost no money & 3 years later, I can still recall it exactly!