With Lingerie

With Lingerie


submitted by: Amye K

special giftAs my husband and I are the proud parents of two young preschoolers, and had just celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary, it was time for something different in our “routine”.

I saved spare change over a couple of months to have enough to get just the perfect spark. On Christmas Eve I bashfully walked into a lingerie store for the first time in my life and went straight to the back in search of something completely unlike me. I found the perfect black “leather” bra and thong set, complete with silver zippers on both, and added a pair of matching fishnet stockings to my purchase. I then proceeded to walk out of the store with the bag hidden in my jacket, again, this is completely out of my element.

I found a flip-top box and stuffed the bottom with tissue paper and metallic red wrapping paper. I laid the entire outfit out on the red paper and wrapped the box up. I hid it in the back of my closet until the kids had opened all of their gifts first and were preoccupied.

As he opened his gift, his face was all aglow. The best part was the anticipation of knowing that at some unexpected time, he would get to receive his gift all over again! This has become our very rarely used, but that much more treasured, special “gift”.