With Lingerie

With Lingerie


submitted by: Suzy


romantic-pumping-gas-car-ideas-lingerie-lunchA delightful way to add romance is to build up your honey’s anticipation of what is to come.  Since I hate to pump gas in my car, I always leave a treat inside the little door that hides the gas cap.  It allows me to stroll into his mind… while he is doing a favor for me. I like to let him know that I appreciate him doing something that I do not enjoy.

#  I use wax paper to make wonderful little see through envelopes – fold a pair of black or white thigh high stockings… with a little note scratched on the wax paper to look in a certain spot in the car for another gift of appreciation…

#  thong panties makes a great bow on a tube of body paint, massage oil, etc…

#  thong panties also make great roses if you twist them just right on a straw for the stem…. inside the straw is a note inviting my honey out for a drink…

#  my favorite lingerie is “one rose” left under the little gas cover door – he knows exactly what I will have on when he gets home.

I have never had to ask him to fill my gas tank.

# When I fold laundry I sometimes slip my panty’s in one of his socks.

#I have packed him a wonderful lunch..  there is nothing like a submarine sandwich all wrapped up …. only to unwrap… and find… its not a sub at all…. but a teddy… nicely rolled up… and a note attached