With Lingerie

With Lingerie


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romantic-driving-home-dating-ideas-lingerie-ideasOn the way to dinner at a friend’s house I told my lover, “I have a surprise for you”. He guessed wine, chocolate, movie tickets, everything he could think of.

We enjoyed dinner with our friends, very low key, I wore blue jeans and a sleeveless t-shirt.  Unknown to my love, underneath I wore a fantastic jade green one piece body lingerie. The crotch had snaps for easy access and emergency bathroom breaks during dinner and the silky straps stayed nicely under my t-shirt. No one had a clue and I felt sexy all night.

After dinner, we said our goodbyes and returned to the car. On the way home I disrobed as he drove. His eyes bulged from his head. I sat quietly next to him, only wearing my lingerie and a smile.  I rubbed his arm and neck and never said a word. The twenty minutes home seemed like a lifetime. He loved it.

He had so much fun with the idea that a month later when things had cooled down, I took it a step further and wrapped up my jade green eye popper in tissue along with a note telling him how much I adore him, love him, cherish him and want him.  I left it in his underwear drawer.

He keeps it there. Along with the note. In fact, when I am away from home for too long, he takes it out and smells it because it brings him closer to me.