With Lingerie

With Lingerie


submitted by: J D


romantic-bra-dating-ideas-lingerie-gamesA really fun way to use lingerie is to play a game with it using it as a trail of clues in a scavenger hunt where you are the treasure at the end.

The way to start out is to place a sticky note on the steering wheel of his car telling him to check the glove compartment.  Inside in a small brown envelope you place a pair of sexy panties with a note to check the mail at home. When he reaches that point, there inside is another brown envelope with an eye catching bra, or maybe a pair of thongs, or even something sexy for him and another note to come in the house and look for his next clue.

You can be as creative as you would like, keeping in mind not to place anything where someone else could mistakenly find it (send the kids to Grandma’s). I ended my “treasure hunt” in the bedroom with the last clue saying “Anything you bring with you I will model”. Needless to say it is now one of our favorite games.