Long Distance Ideas

Long Distance Ideas


submitted by: Crystal Johnston


long distace relationship journal romantic ideasWhen my sweetheart and I were away at separate colleges, we had to use every trick in the book to stay connected. We employed the obvious methods of texts and phone calls, but to really keep it special we used a small journal I purchased at the book store. It was light weight and filled with blank pages just waiting to be used!

We each would take turns with it for one week and fill it in with little thoughts and details of our daily lives and dreams. We could doodle in it, draw hearts, place stickers or even press flowers. At the end of our week, we would mail it to our beloved. Every week we each knew we would be getting something extra special and intimate that made it exciting and a great way to share those deepest emotions, even when we were far apart.

Ten years later we still pull that journal out and enjoy reading to each other!

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