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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Chandra

perfumed lettersMy Husband was deployed to Iraq for a year and half with only a 2 week visit in the middle. So you have to be so creative when coming up with fun ways to stay close or the time and the distance can tear even the strongest relationships apart!

Some tricks we have found – send each other little gifts – NOTHING expensive but mementos of your travels or from places you have gone, I went on a family vacation and bought 20 postcards one from each spot we went, when I got home I wrote a one line love poem on each one and sent them – separate- those were my “love notes”!

I also spent the money to buy a DVD recorder and video tape a message to him once a week, I just talk about how the week went what I did and how much I love and miss him and show him around the house to maybe something I have rearranged or added and burned it to a DVD so he can play it on his puter ANYTIME he misses me (after a year and half he has quit the collection!) But it helped him stay connected to home and was less of a shock coming home after being away so long – not to mention it was like seeing a live picture of me!

We also send each other quirky little things, I send my husband a care package full of his favorite snacks and a fun little something like an interesting book, or some kid toys (like water balloons or handheld video games) I also try to write to him every other day – when I am ready to send the letters I spray each one with perfume put it in an envelope and then in a ziploc bag so that the scent will stay for a long time.

I also try to take as many pictures as I can and send them to him online. I think the most important thing about being separated by miles is that you lose your physical connection – which can easily be brought back, but the most important is hanging on to and building the emotional connection. I think once you lose that, you have lost the whole relationship. So the best thing to do when separated is to think about your spouse or loved one and what they need emotionally?

Everyone needs to be “needed” so when your separated let them know that you miss and need them not only physically but mentally/emotionally. My husband isnt a very good writer – but he bought two cards and wrote out a list of 100 reasons why he loved me. It wasnt anything big and he didnt blow a ton of money – but he spent the time. And that list means more to me than anything I have ever been given because it states he actually thought about me (I dont know if you really realize HOW hard it really is to list 100 things lol) But taking the time and effort no matter what you do will go far! 🙂
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