Long Distance Ideas

Long Distance Ideas


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longdistance relationship romance calls morningMy girl and I spent the first two years of our relationship 225 miles apart and would only be able to see each other every weekends or every other weekend. We both had 30 minute drives into work so we would always call each other and say good morning! We started playing question of the day by taking turns in the morning asking a question of the day. (We were not aware of Michael’s book, 1000 Questions for Couples, at that time, but came up with it on our own.) During the day we would write down our answers and only share them after we each had come up with our own answer(s). We would then email them to each other and share our thoughts over the cell phone on the way home from work. This was a great way to get to know each other without being able to be together. We did this for the first year.

The second year, we always called and said good morning every day. We started writing short books together. We would come up with a topic. Example: A weekend getaway for two, but it couldn’t cost more than X amount of dollars. One of us would start with the first chapter and email it to the other. A chapter would be anywhere from one to five paragraphs. Then the other person would write the next chapter. We were very graphic and included many of our fantasies in them. It help us learn more about the things each of us wanted out of life and our relationship.
We always talked at night over the phone as we both got into our beds. Our last words to each other was good night and how much we loved each other.
We are finally together. We have a strong, health and sexual relationship together. We always say good morning and good night to each other. We can not help but know that the things we did early on while apart from each other helped us build this tremendous bond.

By the way, in one of our short books, she had us starting out by renting a red convertible for the weekend and going to the beach. We together now own a red convertible for which we have used to live out some of our earlier fantasies in. Our thoughts and ideas we shared earlier in our relationship are becoming realities to our lives as our relationship continues to move forward and grow.

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