Long Distance Ideas

Long Distance Ideas


submitted by: Marcia Way


cassette tape romantic long distance relationship ideaYears ago, at the time of the first Gulf War, my husband’s Air Force Reserve flying squadron was activated, and he was deployed for six months to the Persian Gulf.  Although we were fortunate enough to be able to talk by phone every week or so, I wanted to let him feel and “hear” my love and support for him much more often than that.

When he left I packed a small audio tape player in his bag.  Every few days while he was gone, in the evenings I would have a “conversation” with him, into the tape recorder that I had…telling him about my day….how the kids were….and how much I loved and missed him. Often on the flip side of the tape I would record several songs that had special words or meaning for us.

Once my sweetheart received these tapes, he could replay them as often as he liked, and could hear my voice talking to him, encouraging him, and loving him, any time of the day or night. He would tell me that he’d listen to the tapes often while he was exercising, or before he went to sleep.

Staying connected through these tapes and phone calls helped us to feel “close at heart” during our long distance separation and made our reunion a wonderful culmination of a lot of long “love talks.”

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