Long Distance Ideas

Long Distance Ideas


submitted by: Holly


forehead kiss romantic long distance sending picturesMy honey & I only get to see each other approximately every other weekend.  We live in different towns 100 miles apart. I bought him a digital camera for his birthday (I already had one) and during the week we e-mail each other pictures of the stuff we are doing when we are not together.

For some examples, one weekend recently he helped me clear a bunch of brush, got rid of some big rocks in the yard, cut down some scrubby trees, etc and raked and seeded the area to be a part of the yard.  I would send him pictures of the grass seed sprouting and tell him what a great job we did together and that I loved how it looked.  He works on his car and sends me pictures of what he is doing to it, pictures from his daughter’s high school games he goes to, etc.

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