Long Distance Ideas

Long Distance Ideas


submitted by: Nicole


dolled up woman romantic long distanceI have a boyfriend who lives a few hours away. We only see each other on the weekend, with limited time. Every late Friday night, he comes over. It may be midnight, but I still dress up for him. I do my hair, put on my makeup, and sometimes heels. Also, I light candles and incense in the room, so he is welcomed by luscious smells. He loves to come home to me, all dolled up just for him. Every weekend we see each other, we have a surprise. It may be home made dessert, our favorite candies, or a Lover’s game. We always hide at least one thing from each other all week, just to surprise each other. It is always exciting to know something else is waiting for us, besides each other.

My boy usually wears my favorite outfit for him too, on Fridays. I love him in Levis and a button down shirt, which he throws on. It is always great to see each other best dressed, late at night. Were not seeing anyone else for the rest of the late night, so we know we are dressed up for only each other.

Having a long distance relationship can be pretty hard sometimes. But, with our surprises, and constant love for each other, we keep it alive and kicking!

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