Long Distance Ideas

Long Distance Ideas


submitted by: Deborah

romantic motorcylce ride 648 kissesThis summer I was going to meet my now finance’ for the first time after corresponding for 9 months by email, snail mail and lots of  phone calls.  I was traveling by motorcycle to the city where he resided (the trip had been planned for over a year).  Prior to meeting him I sent him 648 Hershey’s chocolate Kisses… with a note that each kiss represented each mile I would travel to receive the first kiss on my birthday in four years.  He loved the kisses and the note.
We met and all was wonderful. We are to be wed at the end of the year in a fairytale elopement to Colorado, including a horse drawn sleigh ride in the snow. 
His job has not transferred and I can’t get out of my teaching contract. We now meet in Kansas every single weekend half-way between my home in Oklahoma and his home in Colorado.  Every weekend is a honeymoon. 
He has two nicknames for me…Lady Deborah and Ding-Dong…this past weekend I was presented with a package of Hostess Ding-Dongs…I loved the token of love. I have told him that the little things are what is important.

We love your 100 games….especially the waiters words!  So much fun with us meeting every weekend.  It gives us something fun to do. 


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