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submitted by: James P. Nelson

I am in the US Navy and am, as luck would have it, currently deployed to the Arabian Gulf. So my loved one is just about as far away as you can get and still be on the planet.

When we first met, a few years ago, I was on another cruise. My ship, the USS George Washington was taking part in the Commemoration of the D-Day invasion. We sent several planes to Northern England to make more room on the ship for the festivities. I was one of the lucky one that were sent with the planes. While there in England I met the girl of my dreams, well the girl that ended up occupying all my thoughts from that time on.

I really wanted this to evolve into a real relationship. So I began to write to her twice a week. She replied, with letters that told me that she too had felt something when we were together for that short time and that she had been praying that I would write and confess like feelings. The letters became more frequent, sometimes I would write daily. Then I began to write short stories to her of us together doing romantic things and going to romantic places. They were kind of like dreams I had for our future.

Well I married that girl I am very happy to say 5 years later and that is my idea — write stories to the one you love about the romantic things you would like to do. They don’t have to be things that are going to happen. They can what ifs. How many people really get the chance to spend a week on a deserted tropical island, or take that walk on the beach when the weather and the moon is perfect, or dress up as a Sheik and rescue a damsel in distress. But you can write about it to your hearts content and make everything work out perfectly which we all know the fraise “The best laid plans. . .” So that is my idea write him or her a story of a perfect interlude.

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