Tips & Ideas

Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Laura Hawke

My Hun is in the military and is frequently away and longing for home. So I have come up with with this little idea for him.

Since he so much wants to see what is going on around home, and gets bored a lot, I take pictures of me, the pets or things happening at home (like changing trees for fall/snow/spring flowers etc.) and I get them blown up to 5 X 7 pictures. then I get kiddy puzzles and mount them and then cut them out. Then I mail one piece a day to him everyday when he is gone.

This way he has something to look forward to in the next day’s mailbag and gets a look at what he loves and misses. Often in each “Surprise piece” I also put in candies or other little romantic things to think about.¬†Boy it works too. He has pictures and other little surprises each and everyday he is far away from home.

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