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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Angela Katsakis

I met my beau at an airport and there is about 2000 miles between us. I wanted him to know how special he is to me in more than the ‘grand romantic gesture’.

I noticed that he has a great love for NutriGrain cereal bars and bought a few boxes of his favorite flavors. Before I sent them, priority mail, of
course, I wrote a few phrases of activities or moments that were special to each of us on the wrapper, using indelible markers. Sending small,
meaningful gifts to one another is very special to both of us as recipient and giver and it’s been a way to interact with more than a phone call.

He was thrilled and touched and the next time I visited, noticed that he’d saved the wrappers on a shelf to look through from time to time when he was missing me.

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