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submitted by: Teresa Anderson

I was just recently married on August 6th but before our marriage I lived in Calgary and my fiancé (at that time) lived in Edmonton.

When I was visiting Mike (my fiancé) in Edmonton  he had taken me to the Muttart Conservatory (an inside green house). They had a special weekend … they filled the rooms with thousands of different kinds of orchids (orchids are one of my favorite flowers). It was so nice to go and the smell and beauty of the flowers was absolutely wonderful.

THEN …. four months later …. when I was back at home in Calgary I would receive a love note from Mike. He made envelopes out of paper that was covered in orchids (he had bought a calendar and made the envelopes out of the pictures from each month).

It was very sweet and touching as he knew orchids were my favorite and also it brought back the lovely memories of our weekend at the Muttart Conservatory.

He definitely kept the romance alive when we were miles apart!

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