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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Jennica St. Pierre

Everyone loves getting mail when it’s not bills, right? My boyfriend & I live about 1000 miles away from each other. It’s really hard to be romantic when you’re that far away, & neither of you has very much money. 

But what I do, just to let him know I’m thinking about him, I’ll buy some stationary, & write poems on it, & send him one every so often, so he never knows when the next one is coming :-). Letters are just so much more fun then e-mails.

Even if you’re not very good at writing poetry, there’s other things you could do…
*draw a picture of the 2 of you together
*draw something you saw when you were last together
*get a poem from a famous author like Shakespeare
*get a picture of yourself that they haven’t seen
*a personalized jigsaw puzzle, a couple pieces in each envelope
*just a simple little note that says “I miss you” or “thinking about you”
*a tape of you singing {or just talking if you don’t want to sing}
*your favourite stuffed animal {I did this, & my boyfriend almost cried}
*writing on personalized stationary {scan a picture of the 2 of you, print it out, & write on the back}

There’s millions of things you could do with this idea, & all for only the cost of the stamp. Some other ideas if you want to spend more money are
*glamour shots
*phone cards
*a card from a card store… they’ve got cards for every occasion!
Or you could even order flowers to go right to their door, which is a great way to start a week!

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