Long Distance

Long Distance


submitted by: Glenn K. Roberts


long distance relationship chessWhen my sweetheart and I lived a great distance apart (she going to college in Ontario, and I working in Nova Scotia), we only got to see each other on vacations and special occasions. Needless to say, our long distance phone bills were high, as we talked on the phone almost every night. We both were very much committed to keeping our relationship going, and to maintaining the deep level of romance we shared with each other. This necessitated some creative thinking.

My girlfriend and I both enjoy the game of chess, and decided to incorporate our love of this game into our long distance love affair by playing chess over the telephone. We each set up a chess board at our respective apartments, and , when we spoke on the phone, each of us would inform the other of a move (one move each per call) to be made on the other’s board (anyone familiar with correspondence chess knows how such games are played). It takes a bit of time – it would often take us a few weeks to complete a game.

The only difference (and here’s our romantic twist) was that she would switch her king and queen pieces with each other (their moving capabilities would also switch). I then had to capture (check mate) her “Queen of Hearts”; she, of course, would have to capture my “King of Hearts”. The person who won would be entitled to a special treat (candlelit dinner, night out on the town, etc.) when next we were together. You can imagine that a lot of thought and effort went into trying to win the game. Now that we’re together, we still play chess, and although the games aren’t as lengthy, the winner still gets treated…. thus the romance continues.

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