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submitted by: Ken A Harris

When I first started my long distance romance it was very important to keep that constant “in touch” conversations going and to let that person know that they were always in my thoughts. Long distance calls were piling up and e-mail can sometimes get impersonal after weeks of it.

So, I got my video camera out and taped a personal message for my sweetheart. In it I told them how much I had been thinking of them, what I thought of our relationship thus far and what I hoped for the future as well as.

Playing “your” song or some songs that you both like could help make that tape “extra” special.

It worked. They called as soon as they got the tape and had immediately watched it. Everything I had tried to make sure came across did. They felt intimacy with me which you can’t get on the computer or the telephone. It meant more for them to hear what I was saying about “us” but seeing the facial reactions as well.

Next up for me. A tape to be sent a few months after the first one (don’t send to many or it won’t be a special treat) will include a hello from some friends on my end and what they think this long distance romance has done to affect me. I think it’ll be a hit and show just how much I’m in love with this person.

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