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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Bill Olson

There was a period of time when my wife and I were engaged, but separated by some 1600 miles for twenty five days.

I went out and bought twenty five large brown envelopes and dated one envelope for each day. In each envelope I had a short note written out to her, about how I missed her and that I was thinking about her, and an activity item for that day.

The first day she had a three hour plane ride, and so the activity item was a Bride’s magazine to help prepare for our upcoming wedding, with post-it notes inside full of my comments. Day three had a calling card so that she could call me. Another day had a taped story that I had written for her and read on to a cassette tape so she could listen to it on her Walkman. There was a postcard one day for her to send me a message, a cassette tape of romantic music that we both enjoyed, a roll of film for her camera, a couple of envelopes kept her supplied with breath mints and gum.

It was a lot of fun for me to make up the packages that I knew that she would enjoy, and it was a great deal of fun for her each day, and it kept us connected as a couple.

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