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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Carl Witten

When I have to go out of town on a business trip, or anytime I’m going to be gone from the house for several days, I try to let my sweetheart know that I’m thinking of her all the time.

Before I leave, I write messages on little sticky notes – such as: “I sure am missing you”, ‘I’m thinking of you right now”, “You’re always on my mind”, “Can’t wait to get back home so I can hold you in my arms”, etc.

Then I place those little notes all through the house in places that I know she’ll find them, but at different times – on the coffee pot for morning, in the shower, inside her shoes, inside her purse, stuck to the rear view mirror in the car – anywhere I know she’ll find them throughout the day. Then, since I always call her every day, I often place one in a difficult spot (sometimes with a little gift), and with each call I will give her a hint or a clue as to it’s whereabouts.

She loves finding the notes and loves the scavenger hunt. They both speak my love to her while we’re apart.

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