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submitted by: Kristy Hendricks

Due to unfortunate circumstances, my sweetie and I will be away from each other for the next 5+ years. We are two months into our separation from one another. It is very difficult. We’re 3 hours away from one another. In two months time we will be several times zones apart.

We know our love is strong and though person-to-person time can’t be beat…there’s always the occasional long distant phone call, but most of all…there’s the US Postal Service. For the past two months we have written NUMEROUS letters to one another with a person-to-person visit every other weekend. Writing normal letters quickly became rather droll, so I began to be as creative as possible in my writings.

Some of my letters I wrote in code. I wrote one letter and then cut it in to hearts and other shapes to make a puzzle. It took him awhile to get it taped together to read, but the effort was well appreciated. Once together, the puzzle read “I go to pieces without you” on one side. And once, we weren’t going to be able to make our weekend visit with one another, so I wrote an especially sweet and longer letter than usual, sent a photograph of us from a high school dance and sent a photocopy of my hand. (Sort of a virtual visit in an envelope). I told him, we would be together soon and if he needed me, just hold my hand and I would be there in thought.

In his letters to me, he draws pictures of our names and they’re wonderful to look at. We miss each other very much and we also try to not focus on our sadness in our letters to one another. We try to find the high points of our days or even make up really funny stories starring us as the main characters. We have a long road ahead of us and we know it’s going to be tough, but our words and love are always there.

Once we are back together for good, I hope the letters never stop because they are a wonderful, open and honest part of our steady growing relationship. Never underestimate the power of handwritten snail-mail devotion in an email world! Love Letters are simply the best, next to the real thing.

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