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submitted by: Patreece Page

My fiancé and I live about 3000 miles apart, since neither of us have a lot of extra cash (we are saving our money for him to move to the states so we can be married) most of our time is spent on the phone. Thank GOD for cheap calling cards.

One thing I do is send him date letters. In these letters I go through a date with him from start to finish…where we will go, what we will wear, what we will be doing, everything…after he gets these letters he reads it over the phone and we add little intimate touches like what we would say and things like that.

It is not as good as being together but it is romantic and we still have our “dates”. In these letters I send him one of those perfume cards with the scent of my perfume on it so he can remember what I smell like. We also put the same CD on and listen to the same music, sometimes we each light candles so it is almost like we are together.

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