Using Love Poems

Using Love Poems


submitted by: Joyce Cornejo


romantic in a bottle truckOn our 20th anniversary I wrote out a poem for my husband. After I got it the way I wanted it written. I then printed it on brown paper and burning the edges. I rolled it up and sprayed it with the perfume he love to smell on me.

Then I tied a piece of twine around it with a purple forget me not flower and tucked it into a colored bottle and put the cork on it.. He cried when he read it and said that it meant a lot to him.

But that bottle is very special to me because little did I know he would die 7 months later in a truck accident while saving my life. Ralph and I were high school sweethearts. So that bottle holds a very important love poem written from the very soul of my being to the man that I loved and thought I would go old with instead he died at 39 years of age.

Don’t put off expressing your love.