Love Poems

Love Poems


submitted by: Joe Long


old books love poems romantic ideasThe best idea I’ve had using poetry resulted from being way, way too ambitious and then trying to recover.

I had the fine intention of presenting my wife with a book of original love poems, written in fine calligraphy. I bought a “blank book” and a calligraphy set and went to work…

Well, I filled a few pages. In mediocre calligraphy at best, of course, but like the poems I knew she’d be evaluating the thought more than the skill level. But the occasion was approaching quickly and the book nowhere near even half-full!

I gave it anyway, explaining that it would fill eventually.

That was years ago. Many times since, though, I’ve been able to add something – and not only does the book now follow our marriage down the years, instead of single gush of one season’s enthusiasm…but now, when I do add another poem, my wife has an occasion to look back over her favorites.  Which gets me some credit for them, all over again – sort of like an author getting royalties from reprints!

Of course, she might also remember that I was going to try for the calligraphy effect…which went by the wayside long ago; I don’t recommend bothering with that unless you’re already good, since you can’t conveniently remove smeared pages.  Anyway, providing my wife with a cup of coffee and her own old poem book – with a new addition – makes her happier than many more elaborate things (which we can’t afford anyway!)  It’s the best present I ever blundered into giving.