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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Alisa L. Montgomery

magnifying love quoteMy husband is always trying to find creative ways to say “I love you”.   These creative gifts mean more to me than any store bought item.

For Valentine’s Day 2003, my husband found a poem that expressed how he felt about me.  He printed & framed it as one of my presents (that I still keep on my desk at work as a daily reminder of his love).

He also designed a webpage around the poem.  If I loved him & clicked on the heart, I received my invitation to join him for a romantic evening.

Keeping with the theme, my husband is a graphic artist that works for a print company.  He uses a printer’s loupe to see fine details in whatever lies beneath the glass.  He printed the poem in extremely small text & glued it to loupe’s frame.  He gave me instructions to keep this token of his love for me & know that something so seemingly small was actually larger than life.

So, whenever I am feeling lonely, I take out the loupe and view my poem (which is easily read through the magnifying glass).