Using Love Poems

Using Love Poems


submitted by: Tim Turner


romantic papers love poem ideasWe were trying to find something to do one afternoon that was inexpensive and didn’t require going any where. She and I agreed to writing a love poem to pass the afternoon and rekindle our affection for each other.

We turned this into a game where each of us would add a line or stanza to the evolving poem. We made sure to write down the poem as it was being created, so we could remember what the poem was about and what each other was thinking.

The poem started off kind of prudish with plain-Jane sentences without any romantic innuendoes, but that changed when we added a stipulation to remove an item of clothing for each word less than what the other had added to the poem.

By the time we ended the poem, we didn’t have an item of clothing remaining on. The poem was almost a notebook in length.

We were glad that we had created the poem together and did this form of poetry at least once a month.

How strange it is that the words flowed easier when the other had less clothes.