Using Love Poems

Using Love Poems


submitted by: Deborah Warford


Vietnam China Oil RigMy boyfriend worked offshore on the oil rigs. I would iron his uniforms for him before he had to leave for three weeks. I would write these little poems and tuck them in all his pockets.  Every time he put on a shirt or pair of pants he would find.

While you work out on the ocean so blue

I will be constantly thinking of you

As I wake up each morning my heart will say

Our love is growing stronger day after day.

I’ll look into your eyes, I know I’ll see

Just how much our love is meant to be

When you leave out there getting closer to shore

I’m waiting for you, loving you even more


I guess right now I seem so far away

So in your thoughts, hold me close each day

Brighter days has just  begun

My dreams are with you as you rise with the sun

And if there’s any stars shooting across the sky at night

Those are the ones that I’m wishing to hold you tight

Even to hold you or just feel your touch

You needing me and wanting me just as much.


When you lay down at night and it only just seems

When you close your eyes.

“May I Always Be Your Dreams”


As I wake up each morning feeling so a new

My thoughts will be constantly thinking of you

The way you make me feel, Oh so right

Just like a star in the brightest night.

Thinking of you holding me I feel so secure

Makes me keep loving you even more

The feelings I get from each message you sent

Is a Power of Love that will never end.


When his three week shift was up and when he came home he asked me to marry him.