Using Love Poems

Using Love Poems


submitted by: John Drew


romantic love poem story proposal ideaI proposed to my fiancé at the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove California where she had taken me to see the production of The Creation for my birthday. During intermission we went off to a quiet place in one of the buildings. I told her I had created something just for her, and I read this poem:

God’s Gift of Love

You’ve brought me something,

I thought had passed me by

A treasure so welcome,

It’s brought tears to my eyes.


For each and every kiss,

I say a prayer of thanks,

To the Lord above,

For this of many gifts.


I accept who you are,

As you accept me,

Faults and imperfections,

Our love lets it be.


You’ve brought me something,

Sent from God above,

Its value is priceless,

You’ve given me your love.


Then I asked her if she would marry me, and she jumped in to my arms. I said, “does that mean yes?”  She came up for air, looked at me and mouthed the word “yes” with tears in her eyes, but no sound came out.