Love Letters

Love Letters


submitted by: Kate


love letters 3 ideasOne – I took a bunch of post-it notes of all different colors and laid them all out too look like a sheet of paper. I then wrote a love letter on the notes and jumbled them all up and stuck them back together again. He had to figure out how the notes lined up before he read the note… the anticipation killed him!

Two – I took a regular white piece of unlined paper and wrote a letter on the front. One the back I drew a big earth on the back and wrote “there’s no one else on earth”. Then I cut the piece of paper up like a puzzle. He didn’t realize there was a picture on the back till he had spent a good five minutes trying to put it back together again.

and the last one…

Three – Every time I give him a picture of us in a frame I make sure to write something that has been happening or that we’ve been talking about and make reference to our lives at that moment. Then whenever ever he decides to change the pictures he’ll find a little note that reminds him of us and all the times we’ve shared together.

Thanks! I love your newsletter!